Made one of these little things for Lee. My friend still won’t let go of him!


Forgot to upload this. It’s unfinished but I figured I might as well post it before it gets lost forever. I still get tinglies thinking about this movie, and I might have developed an unreasonable crush on Emma. Might.

Drew my other friend as a boy too!

Drew my friends and I as boys *w*

Hi!i just found your blog and i in love with your art~!Plus i would like to ask you something if you dont mind. I noticed that you use paint tool sai, i resently got it too and im still exploring it.Well the problem is that my marker brush doesnt work and i believe i did sth and i dont know how to reset it:( .if you know smth please help me!(the other brushes work just fine)THank you and have a nice day~!


Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with Sai! Since you have the suspicion it was something you did, we can try resetting(we’re basically making a new marker brush with all the default settings). You can do that by right clicking on one of the empty boxes in the brushes panel and selecting ‘marker.’ Hope that helps!

Here is a screenshot below to help you out if you need it: